#TogetherForAbortion Tool Kit

Represent abortion as an issue you care about with your body

With abortion rights on the chopping block for the first time in basically *two generations*, it might seem trivial to suggest that clothing can be a powerful form of resistance. But we firmly believe that this legislative disaster has been enabled by toxic cultural conditions—namely, a pervasive inability to discuss abortion. Wearing something that says “ABORTION IS FREEDOM” changes the world around you; conversations happen that never would have happened otherwise. Every. Single. Time.



Host a Screening in Your Living Room

Make Your Own Video

Make DIY Protest Materials

Host a Book Club


Print out and distribute Activist Cards to share with friends

Designed by Steph Herold, distribute these cards to spark abortion rights conversation, participation and action in your own community

Here are some links to differing versions and formats.

Discussion Group

Share an Article on Social Media

Factual articles To Discuss or Share

#TogetherForAbortion Stories

Opinion/ think pieces to Discuss or Share

Hear Women’s Abortion Stories (Video and Articles)

Share Stats and Facts

Guttmacher Institute –  meticulous fact checkers compile all this info

Overview of Current Political Climate for Abortion Rights in the US

113 Texas Lawyers File Amicus Brief Disclosing Their Own Abortions

Consequences of Restrictions on Abortion

History of Abortion Speakouts